CwnAnnwn Yorkshire Terriers Rescues & friends


Buttons was our first dog taken in. Buttons was a very active and smart girl. She was owner surrendered due to the owner not having enough time to spend with her. She was a bit unruly with lack of basic training because she was having to much fun playing! Our objective was to give Button's a good grasp of basic commands like sit and stay. The Come command was difficut command for this exuberant girl but she got it.

It only took a couple months and this girl was bouncing to her new home. Her new family were very excited to have the opportunity to have a lively, happy girl to share their lives with.

  • Precious

    Precious was rescued from a puppy mill north of Edmonton. We found her at our local shelter pregnant.

  • Cricket

    Cricket was a breeder surrender. She had a very hard birth and sustained damage from the experience.

  • Duchess

    Duchess was a VERY ill girl. SHe was rescued from the ESPCA where she was registered as a boy!

  • Abigail

    Abigail wasn't really a rescue. She was a show potential's sister who broke her leg while visiting.