CwnAnnwn Yorkshire Terriers Rescues & friends


I got a call from a lady near Calgary that a Silky Terrier was in at the Edmonton SPCA and the breeder wanted her out and sent home. I went to the ESPCA to bail Duchess out but they had a hard time finding her. They had a hard time finding her because she was registered as a boy!!

It was quite apparent that this little girl was quite ill. The ESPCA vet said she had extremely severe allergies that didn't appear to have been treated. He felt she was allergic to something in the food she was being fed.

I contacted the breeder and told her that this girl would need vet care immediately. Unfortnately the breeder was going through a rough time financially and decided that she didn't want Duchess shipped back to her. Now I had this very sick girl and had to try to help her. Breeders should ALWAYS take their puppies back regardless.

She started on hypo allergenic food and medications to help ease some of the distress she was in. Through trial and error and over a year later we finally had her allergies under control. She was ready to place.

A couple, with allergy experience, came forward to ask for her live with them. Unfortunately a couple months later she was returned to us as he couple were heading for a divorce. Her allergies were still under control mostly but the stress of the situation flared them up some so we waited for her to recover before looking for her forever home. A fellow had inqired about Duchess after he fell in love with her photo. He had grown up with an allergic dog and felt that he and Duchess would be a good match. She embarked on her new adventure of her forever home and found her true love.

  • Buttons

    Button the Chi was owner surrendered. She was re-socialized and placed with a wonderful lady.

  • Precious

    Precious was rescued from a puppy mill north of Edmonton. We found her at our local shelter pregnant.

  • Cricket

    Cricket was a breeder surrender. She had a very hard birth and sustained damage from the experience.

  • Abigail

    Abigail wasn't really a rescue. She was a show potential's sister who broke her leg while visiting.