CwnAnnwn Yorkshire Terriers Rescues & friends


We believe that if a breeder breeds a puppy they should take back that puppy if the owner can't look after them. Not all people believe in this theory. Not all owners have a breeder to turn to. Sometimes the animal was not bred by a breeder but as an oops. It is some of those animals that we see here. No matter where a dog comes from or how he/she was bred they all deserve a chance. We hope to give a few that chance.

Our house is not a rescue charity. Whatever dog comes here we pay out of our own pocket to vet check and provide care. No donations are accepted unless it is in food, supplies or money sent directly to our vet. In no way are we asking for any help with the few dogs a year that we house until we re-home.

Not all dogs who come through our doors are desperate rescues. Not all are really rescues. Some just need a helping hand. Some are owner surrendered. Some are abandoned. Some have owners who, for whatever reason, can't care for their friend. We have helped big and small but here are a few stories of memorable friends.

  • Buttons

    Button the Chi was owner surrendered. She was re-socialized and placed with a wonderful lady.

  • Precious

    Precious was rescued from a puppy mill north of Edmonton. We found her at our local shelter pregnant.

  • Cricket

    Cricket was a breeder surrender. She had a very hard birth and sustained damage from the experience.

  • Duchess

    Duchess was a VERY ill girl. SHe was rescued from the ESPCA where she was registered as a boy!

  • Abigail

    Abigail wasn't really a rescue. She was a show potential's sister who broke her leg while visiting.