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We heard about Precious from our local shelter. I got a call to come see this poor scared girl. She was being deemed unadoptable due to her fear aggression. Her story was not a good one. She was rescued from a puppy mill north of Edmonton but the woman who took her in could not control Precious' stress episodes. The woman brought Precious in to the local shelter. One of the employees felt bad for her and called me. She was scared but we made a connection so she was given her chance at a new life. I paid the adoption fee and walked out with her. On the way out I made an appoinment three days later to spay her.

While at home, that night, Precious was laying on my lap her belly moved! I couldn't believe it! I caled the vet clinic the next day to change her spay appointment into a pregnancy x-ray appointment. Sure enough she was pregnant!

Precious gave birth to a lovely litle boy a couple days later. Unfortunately the stress of moving too often and having a baby in a srange home caused some issues with raising her puppy so after trying to calm her we made the decision to move the puppy from her to a Yorkie mom who had week old puppies at the time.

After many months of rehabilitation Precious was placed with her new family.

  • Buttons

    Button the Chi was owner surrendered. She was re-socialized and placed with a wonderful lady.

  • Cricket

    Cricket was a breeder surrender. She had a very hard birth and sustained damage from the experience.

  • Duchess

    Duchess was a VERY ill girl. SHe was rescued from the ESPCA where she was registered as a boy!

  • Abigail

    Abigail wasn't really a rescue. She was a show potential's sister who broke her leg while visiting.